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Intransitive verb devided into Unaccusative and Unergative. Accusative verb has derivational object that represented subject as a patient like in transitive verb. And unergative has subject derivational as an agent like in intranstitve verb. In this case we will examine those type of verb in Meriaq Meriku Dialect [MMD]. Examine the example of the two intransitive type below:


0- marker intransitive, circumfix se- -q in the transitive. See the example below:
[1] Amaq se-mate-q jaran
Father ACT-dead-TRAN horse
“Father kills the horse”
[2] Jaran mate
Horse died
“The horse died”
In MMD has nye- -q marker in transitive and 0 marker in intransitive, see the example below:
[3] Urah nye-mate-q ulah
Urah ACT-died-TRAN snake
[4] Ulah mate
Snake died
“The snake died”
Also in MMD has seng- in [5] and nyem- [7] marker and 0 marker in intransitive in [6] and [9], see example below:
[5] Indah seng-korak aiq
Indah ACT-dirty water
“Indah make the water dirty”
[6] Aiq korak
Water dirty
“The water is dirty”
[7] Juli nyem-polak batek
Juli ACT-broke big knife
“Juli broke the big knife”
[9] Batek polak
Big knife broke
“The big knife is broke”
Pe- marker in transitive and 0 marker in intransitive. You can see the example below:
[10] Kalis pe-lulus Jogas
Kalis ACT-pass Jogas
“Kalis make Jogang pass the exam”
[11] Jogang lulus
Jogang pass
“Jogang pass the exam”
0 marker both in intransitive and transitive, but the initial letter changes from ‘t’ into ‘n’ in [12], [13] and ‘b’/’p’ changes into ‘m’ in [14], [15] see the example below:
[12] Izza tulis surat
Izza ACT.write letter
“Izza writes a letter”
[13] Izza nulis
Izza write
“Izza is writing”
[14] Koror bace/pace buku
Koror book
“Koror read a book”

[15] Lele mace
Lele is read
“Lele is reading”
In MMD, has no changes in nasal sound, consider example below:
[16] Indah pe-ngondar aik
Indah ACT-full water
“Indah makes (the floor) full of water”
[17] Aik ngondar
Water full
“The water is full”
[18] Dora pe-nangis ariq-n
Dora ACT-cry young bro/sis
Dora pe-nangis Galuh young bro/sis-3SG.POSS
[19] Ariq-n nangis
Young bro/sis-3SG.POSS cry
His/her young bro/sis cries


Unergative identified with several markers.
Pe-ng- is transitive and ng-, nge- is intransitive. Consider these examples below:
[20] Amaq pe-ng-awin Bakri
Father ACT-TRAN-marry Bakri
“Father make Bakry marry (someone)”
[21] Amak ngawin
Father marry (make a couple to be marry)
[22] Gogon pe-nge-lakok Jerah
Gogon ACT-TRAN-ask Jerah”
“Gogon ask (somenone) for Jojon

[23] Gogon ngeraos
Gogon ask
“Gogon ask (someone)
Marker –q for transitive and marker be- for intransitive. Consider example below:
[24] Indah gutu-q aku
Indah flea-TRAN
“Indah take the flea (from my head)
[25] Indah be-gutu
Indah ACT-flea
? “Indah flaeing”
[26] Nia doro-q leah
Nia garbage-TRAN garden
“Nia make the garden dirty”
[27] Nia be-doro
Nia ACT-garbage
? “Nia make dirtiness”

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