Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's time for me to show all the sorrow. It is about what I am doing now, what job I currently do. I work as "Customer Service Representative" after being transferred to other division---my division director resign---in one of International company. Well, work as a customer representative is just like wearing a "high heel". When I wear high heel maybe I look pretty, much taller and also looks mature, but I have to admit that that's only the surface. I look pretty, taller, and look mature as an employee, but deep inside is actually I don't want to wear it. It's so comfortable when I take out my high heel and step my foot directly touch the ground. I feel I am reborn as a human being, a truly human being whose life is free. 
And! Work as "Customer Service Representative" is as hard as wearing a high heel. I have to be mature in answering questions, I have to be nice in handling the customer and also I have to take whatever "bullshit" that they dumped to me (a complain in how company provide the service). Damn!
When I get back home then I feel free. I can express all the feeling that I want to express, I can act like a child (childish), I can eat whatever kind of candies, I can wear whatever dress I want without considering people's opinion about me. Actually, I hate myself being a CSR, but I have no choice because I have to earn money for myself. I wish I can get my life partner as soon as possible. So I can say "good bye" to this company.
It's really hard for me to leave especially there are many good people who always open their hand to help me. Thanks to Maria Umbaran, Pak Rezong Jik, Bu Nur Terkasih, Mas Bro Uang Pak Ardi and for Janata who brings joy to my life, who color my life and also who give hard me time (maksud lo?)---Oceans Thanks---... The End..


  1. yes, as a same position CST like you...I will said "I know what you did..." hehehe....and I also feel that. Especially for the high heels thing....I really2 know how you feel. And for the "maybe pretty"...for me...Iam pretty!!! hahahaha....as like someone said..."AKU BISA !!"
    Yah....for leaving like you said it is really hard...because we have to admit that we learn a lot from this activity in this company. We know many thing about jatropha, Insectiside, pesticide, budgeting, and especially menure things...hahaha
    Keep fighting sis,....cayoooooo!!!

  2. @maria Umbaran: Always high "self esteem". Tuing tuing tuing, "aku bisa!!!"

    I love to work in this company, I also value this company so much, I learn many things here. It just the condition doesn't allow us work comfortably... Hehehe. Let's do the best and just wait when the time is appropriate to leave...
    Aza aza fighting!!!

  3. @Parlina Win: Ho ho ho, that's such a life, we have to change all the time in our life. Isn't it???