Friday, July 29, 2011


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Saturday, May 29 2010 (On The Way Back Home---Hometown):
A young man riding a sport bike in front of me, this young man did not wear a helmet and speeding on the road. Perhaps he felt the road is his. He was turning his bike back and forth when an old man crossed the street. The old man was almost hit if he did not immediately back up a few steps. Fortunately, the old man was safe despite of the shout and the look on his face---he was very shocked. Even more surprising, the young man did not even apologize and stop his bike, but the most tragic was the people who saw it laughed at him.
Sunday, May 30 2010 (On The Way Back to Mataram):
A man with beard rode with a flat speed, neat with a helmet. Suddenly, there was a snake cross the road the man could not turn his bike directly in avoiding the snake to be hit. The man directly stop his bike and with a worried face he asked me "dead?" I shook my head, because the snake was still alive and crossed the road. "Alhamdulillah". And he turned his bike on and smiled because the snake still alive.

Subhanallah there are people who are maintaining the manners even if only with an animal. The man must know the manners to treat animals as the Prophet taught us, even the way to kill ants is taught by him---not allowed to burn---, slaughtering animals using a sharp knife so that they will not feel the pain too long. No wonder that God people who are knowledgeable few degrees compared to the others. People who know how to maintain a relationship with God, human beings and with God's other creatures.
Wallahu'alambishawab .....  
The truth comes from God, a mistake I made in this writing is purely come from me as a human being quoting wise word "Mistake is on human"

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